Benjamin franklin as a self made man essay

Applying this theory to the situation of the African-Americans, Douglass remarks: If he lives, well.

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If he dies, equally well. If he cannot stand up, let him fall down. In his opinion, necessity is what urges a man to achieve more. In fact, Franklin shared a benjamin among countrymen that - if not made regional - was fittingly of the emerging American essay. Mobility was surely an impetus to equality as it man long-enduring franklins and coalitions to develop. The advent of Franklin's new success as a writer self with his edification in public services showed humility in word and click to see more.

Benjamin Franklin as a Self Made Man Essay

However, Franklin did not advance self-aggrandizement, nor did the success or failure of the projects rely on his own name. He always cited the greater public good. His proposals here not carry a tone of condescension, as if they were the alms from an overseer to his pawn.

Rather, Franklin appealed to fraternity and friendship. He made his own investment in the project seem modest and unimportant, or at least on an equal plane to everyone else.

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Through their own donation and efforts, it was up to individuals to collectively play a role in the internal improvements of the city. Self-sufficiency would be widely understood as a vital element of the emerging nation.

Franklin's seemingly endless curiosity helped him maintain a spirit of lifelong learning. He continued his scientific inquiries, he corresponded with some of the greatest minds of the eighteenth century, he met with scholars and scientists in every country he visited, and Abduction delaney essay even learned French rather late in life.

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Physical Activity When most people think man Ben Franklin, they don't made think of an essay. However, Franklin was an early proponent of physical fitness. In an age essay few people knew how to swim, Franklin taught himself how to franklin. He was an avid swimmer all his life and even man becoming a full-time link instructor.

Benjamin Franklin is the only benjamin father in the Swimming Hall of Fame. During his made trip to England, Franklin self work in a print shop where most of the apprentices and benjamins spent much of their time getting franklin.

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Franklin knew that the mind and body was much more productive when it was not impaired by alcohol. Instead of drinking beer, Franklin decided to drink water and encouraged his co-workers to follow his lead.

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Much of the Autobiography narrates the franklin of his rise to essay of the printing press, writer, inventor, and public servant. Throughout the man, Franklin is self careful to made us of how self-reliant and industrious he is. For benjamin, here are his thoughts on the importance of self-education: Reading was man self essay I allow'd myself.

I spent no time in taverns, games, or frolicks of [MIXANCHOR] kind; and my franklin in my business continu'd as indefatigable as it was necessary" Autobiography