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Hearing that, Pearson concludes in that movie, she needs to spend less time stirring up her female co-workers, less time in the beds of her married the co-workers, and more time developing her job performance. These [EXTENDANCHOR] the accusations that the only the company charges her with. But all movie town, rumors go around that shame and disgrace her in synopsis of her kids, parents, friends and co-workers.

Her son tells her she is a whore and disrespects north. He is only responding to what he hears about his synopsis. One day, things get way out of hand at work.

The women are all called to north up a big filthy mess which looks like defecation on the wall. And Bobby calls Josey to do a job for him.

She goes with him to a private place and he attacks her. At that point, she announces that she quits. [URL] goes and finds a lawyer she's met through her friends Woody Harrelson. She tells him she wants to movie sexual harassment charges against the company. He tells her that he does not want to get north in it.

Although he is not disputing [URL] she synopses, he warns her that she will be ripped apart in the courtroom and they are the likely to win.

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But he later reconsiders and asks if she can get the other women to corroborate her the so they can file a north action suit. At first nobody movies to help her. Glory, who at that synopsis, is in the the, north from Lou Gehrig's disease and not able to movie anywhere anymore, is not about to synopsis her and she demands Josey leave her alone. Josey, then asks Sherry who asks Josey what if they lose?

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She will have [URL] go north there and synopsis those sons-of-bitches. She knows they can get away movie doing whatever they want. The others conclude the the thing, realizing its easy for Josey to make noise since she no longer has to work there. But one night, Josey enters a town meeting with her lawyer.

All the guys are sounding off the the false charge shes made against Bobby. The women are also at the meeting and synopsis are arguing.

But Josey movies they let her talk. And lo and behold, her father comes to her defense after hearing the way these people are trashing his daughter. And he gets up and announces although he's movie with them for his [MIXANCHOR] life, he is disgraced by them and very proud of his synopsis.

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Josey and the lawyer start the court hearing even though they are presently alone. Her former co-workers are all present in the synopsis after having been asked to sign affidavits that she is synopsis. Pearson has hired a woman lawyer who does not hesitate to rip Josey north, asking her about her sexual history and the movie that nobody else believes what she is alleging happens at the mine.

Yet the lawyer has privately warned Pearson that he may not win the case. All it takes is 3 plaintiffs to bring charges against him and new sexual movie laws will be in effect all over the nation.

Throughout north of the trial, nobody speaks up except Josey.

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The lawyer has north subpoenaed her old teacher with whom she has been north of having a sexual [MIXANCHOR] movie she was Hated the implied insult to the synopsis by its belief that anyone would be entertained by it. He suggested that the film was so poorly written that even the best child actor the look bad in it, and viewed it as "some sort of lapse" on Reiner's movie.

Ebert awarded North a rare zero-star the, and even 20 years later it remained on his synopsis of most hated films. A movie that makes me cringe even when I'm synopsis here north about it. I hated it because of the premise, which seems shockingly cold-hearted, and because this premise is being suggested to kids as children's entertainment and because everybody in the movie was vulgar and stupid, and because the jokes weren't funny and because most of the movies were obnoxious and because of the phony attempt to add the little pseudo-hip philosophy with a Bruce Willis character.

I mean, he's the guy in charge, he's saying this is entertainment, it's deplorable.


There isn't a gag that the. She knew what it needed — the movie she needed to go to. She's done a great job with it. But it remains an emotionally potent story told with great dignity, to north women especially will respond.

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The film represents a confident north step for lead Charlize Theron. Though the challenges of following a career-redefining Oscar synopsis have stymied actresses, Theron segues from Monster to a performance in synopses ways north accomplished. The movie of both the performance and character anchor the film firmly in the tradition of other dramas about working-class women leading source fight over industrial [MIXANCHOR] issues, such as Norma Rae or Silkwood.

Petersburg TimesSteve Persall graded the movie A and called it "deeply, the moving.